Read what others think…

Read what some of my clients have said about working with me. These families worked with me using one of my packages, and all have had success with transforming their baby’s sleep within days. 

“Emma is amazing at what she does best. Our 8 month old baby girl was waking up nearly every hour at night and did not have a set sleep schedule. Emma advised the best plan for us in order to achieve a better sleeping routine and minimise night wakes. Within a few days she managed to sleep through the night with only one or two wakes. Emma guided us daily during the two weeks which was very helpful, she really is on the journey with you to see the best results, which for us have been incredible.”

Amelia (8 months)

“We had the incredible pleasure of working with Emma for two transformative weeks, and it truly feels like magic what she has accomplished for our family. Our 8-month old son had been having major difficulties sleeping since he was born, and we were completely exhausted and overwhelmed. But now, thanks to Emma’s guidance and expertise, he sleeps like a baby from 7 PM to 7 AM. It was a situation we never thought was possible to change, but Emma made it happen in such a short amount of time.
We have our lives back, and the difference is life changing. We all sleep better now and our son is a much happier and more content little boy because of it!
We can highly recommend everyone to contact Emma for her expertise, she is the one that you need on your team!”

Milan (8 months)

“Emma is fabulous at helping little ones sleep better at night. She really listens to the issues and does her best to get to know your child and their temperament before giving her recommendations. I have twin boys who are 18 months old sharing the same room – one who was always sleeping no problem and the other we always had a struggle to get him to bed (taking 4/5 hours) and he would then wake up for another feed which meant we were hardly getting any sleep and neither was his brother. Thanks to Emma, our household now sleeps through the night and everything is much calmer. I would recommend Emma to all my friends and family.”

Samuel (18 months)

“We asked Emma to help with our 4 year old whom we have had little bit of trouble getting down to bed at night time and also with wake ups in the middle of the night. This was the second time we worked with her, having also brought her in previously for our younger 12 month old son.

We found Emma’s approach worked really well and we now have our little boy going to sleep without the same issues and much fewer wake ups (only genuine nightmares now). Emma takes time to understand everything that was going on around our son, personality, meal times, bedroom setup etc. She formulated a plan for us to work with and during that time was available for advice and support. She also provided video messages for our son to encourage him and congratulate him, which he really liked. Emma was very contactable during the time we worked with her and often provided advice or suggested adjustments to our plan. Our thanks to Emma and I would fully endorse working with her for anyone who has baby/child not sleeping. Thanks Emma.”

Zaiver (4 years)

“Emma was a great support to us in helping our daughter to improve in her sleep. We appreciated Emma’s attentiveness and flexibility throughout the process and she was always on hand to answer any questions that we had. In following the plan and approach she prepared for our daughter, after two weeks she is now sleeping through the night and is much happier and more relaxed in herself. We would recommend Emma to anyone also struggling with an unsettled and difficult sleeper.”

Sophie (13 months)

“I’m still a bit in shock at how quickly Emma’s methods helped us get our 9-month-old daughter to sleep through the night. After the first night, her sleep was much improved and she stayed in her cot all night for the first time ever!

Before Emma’s help, we were co-sleeping for at least half the night, rocking to sleep and doing contact naps. It was totally exhausting for us, and our daughter wasn’t getting enough sleep either.

After 2 weeks, we’re all now getting much better sleep and our daughter is starting to sleep through the night!

I couldn’t recommend Emma more!”

Hazel (9 months)

“We have really enjoyed working with Emma to help with sleep training our little one, and I can thoroughly recommend her service. Within 2 weeks she has helped us wean our baby off all the usual sleep props (dummy, swaddle and sleepyhead) and our baby is now consistently sleeping through the night until 6/7am. Which for a 4.5 month old is wonderful! We loved the approach of being in constant communication via WhatsApp and Emma checked in with us multiple times a day. It really helped us stick to the approach and get the best results, whilst feeling thoroughly supported. Thanks Emma!”

Holly (4 months)

“We had a wonderful experience with Emma. Before sleep training with Emma, our son was going to bed at 11pm with hardly any daytime naps – thus very sleep deprived and grumpy. After 2 weeks with Emma’s support he was getting the right amount of sleep for his age and was overall so much happier! We are able to interact with him much more now that he’s no longer sleep deprived. Emma also taught us how to work around his sleep routine so we can fit in baby classes and social activities. The whole process was very smooth and we were well supported all the way through. We are so happy having Emma as our sleep consultant, and we highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their child’s sleep routine. Thanks again Emma!”

Oscar (5 months)

“Having Emma as our sleep consultant has created so much joy within this stage of parenting for myself and my partner. When the 4 month sleep regression hit, motherhood became a constant challenge which never ended. My baby girl hit 6 months and we were still on a never ending spiral of contact naps, constant feeding and attachment throughout the night which resulted in no sleep. My baby cried constantly. I was overwhelmed and struggling to see how it could get better. We tried many methods and guidance and nothing worked. After going through such a positive call with Emma and the reassurance from her and her detailed consultancy, she gave me hope in the process. Within the first night our baby did not only fall asleep in her own room and cot but slept through the night with only 1 wake up, which was unbelievable. From there, each day was better and better and our beautiful little girl became so much more bubbly and happy within the day because she was getting enough sleep. We had challenges throughout this course due to falling ill, however Emma was so understanding and supportive throughout. For the whole 2 weeks she gave constant support at all times of day and gave me the confidence in understanding my baby’s sleep needs. Overall Emma was so supportive and kind and has completely changed our family’s lives for the better. Couldn’t thank Emma enough for the impact she has had on our routine and overall happiness in such a small amount of time.”

Sophia (6 months)

“Emma is a miracle worker! Our 21 month old, woke up several times in the night and could be up for hours. My husband and I would dread bedtime every night. We now have a child that hasn’t had a night wake in over a week. We are so happy with our results. Emma was a constant support and she couldn’t do enough for us. If your baby doesn’t sleep, Emma is your woman! Thank you so much xxx”

Bobby (21 months)

“Cannot recommend enough – has genuinely been life changing in getting our house to be much more positive and happy with consistency of sleep and confidence we know what to do when. Our 7 month old has gone from contact napping in the day for every nap (would not be put down) to sleeping happily in her cot during the day, and going regularly 12 hours independent sleep in the night.

Thank you Emma – a much much happier, well-rested house!”

Clara (6 months)

“We couldn’t recommend Emma more. We had got into quite a pickle with sleep after a few illnesses in a row but with Emma’s support we got things back on track (in fact better than ever before!) so quickly. Emma was very compassionate, kind and supportive and we appreciated how she took the time to get to know our family and our daughter and offered a personalised plan. Our daughter (aged 21 months) seems so much happier now she’s getting a really good night’s sleep (and Mum and Dad are enjoying it too!).”

Rose (21 months)

“We would highly recommend Emma. She helped get our 8 month old into a great routine, and to stop his split nights (he would often wake for 2 hours in the night ready to play!). He now sleeps happily through the night, and has two long naps in the day as opposed to his previous short ones. Thank you for all your help, your support was amazing and it really has made such a big difference to our family.”

Artie (8 months)

“My wife and I could not have asked more from Emma during our time with her. She listened intently to the various challenges we were experiencing and really personalised her approach to our situation. This required bucket loads of agility. The journey we were on was not a simple one. Emma consistently showed really welcome positivity and energy, and was contactable throughout. This approach continued even throughout the entire festive period. We would thoroughly recommend Emma’s services to anyone experiencing sleep related challenges with their little ones, and have left with a clear structure to follow which I could not have envisaged possible a few weeks back.”

Sophie (4 years)

“We reached out to Emma for help with our son’s sleep. He is 16 months and what is described as an “animated” child – children with these personalities particularly have issues with sleep and we were facing the brunt of it! Ever since he was a baby, his sleep was always an issue – we always assumed he would get better with time but that just wasn’t happening. We were at a point where we had to rock him to sleep both at night and during the day. Sometimes he would take over an hour to fall asleep and would normally wake up around 5 times in the night. Many nights he would be awake for up to 2 hours in the middle of the night. As you can imagine this was taking a massive toll on us – no-one was getting sleep and rocking him was killing our backs.

It’s almost surreal writing this but after two weeks with Emma, our boy no longer requires to be rocked to sleep and is sleeping through the night! I would read testimonials like this and always assume that my son was different and it wouldn’t work for him – but boy was I wrong. Emma’s approach to helping Jeevan was fantastic and she was always there to provide support and advice. We would speak to her frequently every day and she would make the effort to check in with us to see how we’re getting on. One of the most impressive things we found is that she analysed his sleep data to track trends and patterns to give the best results.

This is without a doubt the best choice we have ever made. Everyone in the household is happier because no-one is sleep deprived and we’ve noticed our son is just so much happier now. I can’t recommend Emma enough and would recommend her to anyone facing sleep issues with children – it may feel daunting to begin with but the results are literally life changing! Thank you once again Emma!”

Jeevan (16 months)

“Emma was so friendly and professional from start to finish! She really takes the time to get to know you as a family, and then uses this to help find the best approach. She touched on her own expieriences which made us feel less alone in the depths of sleep deprivation.

She was always on hand to give support and encouraged you on the tougher days/nights. Emma made us feel reassured, never pushed us to do anything we weren’t comfortable with & would listen to our concerns and worries and helped us navigate the sleep journey.

It has transformed our whole family- not only are we all getting full nights sleep after usually having 5/6 wake ups, all naps now happily in the cot after only having contact naps, and most importantly a happier and more content baby!!

We cannot thank Emma enough for her help, the only regret we have is not doing it sooner!! Would definitely recommend.”

Ellis (9 months)

“I did two weeks of sleep training with Emma. I was getting up for my boy 3 times per night – sometimes he was easy to settle and other times it would take over an hour. He is now easily sleeping 7pm-7am with 3 hours of sleeping in the day! I feel like a different person and am so pleased we did it.
Emma was in contact every day and always responded quickly when I contacted her. I was able to talk through all those tiny details that mattered to me and felt like she really understood my exact situation.
I’d heard mixed reviews from people about sleep training but I’m now firmly in the camp of Sleep Training BELIEVER!”

Rafe (8 months)

“We loved working with Emma and I would highly recommend her! She’s worked some sort of sleep magic on our 5 year old, who has always found bedtimes and staying in his bed challenging. After years of co-sleeping, he is now in his own bed and sleeping through the night, thanks to Emma! We can’t thank her enough.”

Joss (5 years)

“Emma is a sleep magician and her support is completely life changing.

I was really reluctant about sleep training but can say working with Emma has been incredible. Emma is kind, knowledgeable and offers fantastic support.

From the initial discovery call, I knew Emma would be amazing. She listened to the challenges we were facing and also my concerns about sleep training. She reassured me and made me feel confident that she understood our needs as a family.

The transformation in sleep has been astounding. Our 9 month old daughter is exclusively breastfed and would wake at least 6 times a night being settled by a feed each time. In the day, she only napped in her pram/the car. After 2 weeks of support, she is now regularly sleeping 7pm – 6am (with a dream feed) and naps happily in her cot.

The improvement in sleep has not only been wonderful for me and my husband but has also made us feel confident to navigate the world of sleep and any future changes! Most importantly, for us, it has ensured our little girl continues to thrive. She is happy, content and now able to gain all the important benefits of restorative sleep such as aiding her ability to learn new skills, recover quickly from illnesses and truly make the most out of each day.

I recommend Emma wholeheartedly. Her skills and approach make her the best companion during sleep training and a new chapter for the whole family.”

Florence (9 months)

“Emma was the perfect person to guide us through the sleeping issues we were having with our 2 year old. She was not only highly knowledgeable, but also incredibly calming and caring. She would check in with us every day to make sure everything was okay and was highly responsive when we needed support. We successfully sorted our sleep issues in less than 10 days so it couldn’t have gone much better. Thanks Emma!”

Alban (2 years)

“We are absolutely delighted with the amazing assistance provided by Emma for our 7-month-old. Prior to beginning our 2-week sleep program, our daughter was co-sleeping and waking up for feeds 6 to 7 times a night. Her nap schedule was erratic, and reached the point where she was only contact napping.

In under a week, thanks to Emma’s plan and daily guidance, our daughter was sleeping peacefully through the night in her own room (with 1 quick dream feed). While I initially had reservations about making such a significant change to our daughter’s routine, Emma’s suggested approach was remarkably gentle, and her recommendations were tailored to our baby’s personality.

I could never have anticipated how quickly we would see positive outcomes. Not only is our daughter sleeping so much better, and in her own room, but she is also much happier now that she is getting the quality sleep she needs.

Throughout our experience with Emma, she was always available to provide assistance and adjust the routines as needed. Once again, Emma, you are truly magical! To anyone thinking about going ahead, it’s so worth it and I’d recommend Twinkle Twinkle in a heartbeat.”

Clara (7 months)

“Emma couldn’t be more personable and supportive, and really listens to the nuances of the family set up. Emma transformed our two year old’s sleep routine, habits and, in turn, behaviour – as he is much less ratty since he’s been sleeping though. With a 4 month old to contend with at the same time as sleep training, Emma made me feel at ease. She was so supportive and comforted me when the going got tough with the sleep training! We made amazing progress in the two weeks. Thank you, Emma, for helping our family to enjoy bedtime again!”

Heath (2 years)

“Thank you, Emma, for being a Godsend. You made the process so easy and were there every step of the way. I would recommend you to anyone and have done already. Thank you!”

Harrison (8 months)

“Emma is an angel sent! Working with Emma was one of best decisions I’ve made. She helped my little one reaching independent sleeping in less than 2 weeks. Now even if he wakes up at night he goes back to sleep on his own and he is much calmer during the day. Thank you Emma!”

Leo (6 months)

“I cannot recommend Emma enough. My little boy is 6 months and had never slept through the night, his sleep seemed to get worse rather than better, he would average at 2-3 hours sleep before waking and needing a bottle and/or dummy to settle. He also refused his bottle in the day time.

With Emma’s help this has completely transformed. He now sleeps from approx 7-7 with one dream feed (which I chose to keep in), and if he does wake and stir he settles himself (and we use no dummies). I was expecting for my husband and I to feel better for the more sleep but what has taken me by surprise is how much happier our baby is. He giggles and smiles so much more. I was so worried sleep training would mean a sad baby but instead I have a happy, thriving bundle of joy.

If you’re hesitant like I was at first, don’t be. This is the best thing we could have done for our family and our beautiful baby boy.

Plus Emma is a joy to work with, so kind and caring and knowledgeable.”

Joseph (6 months)

“Amazing!! The only word left to use. My baby is sleeping 7 – 7 and my household is happy. Cannot recommend Emma enough. Every mum needs an Emma in their life. You will not be disappointed.”

Frankie (16 month)

“Our kid was always a poor sleeper, but we’d managed to get back on track, until a bout of sickness meant all the gains we’d finally made went straight out the window and we were back to waking every 20mins, me moving into my son’s room and sleeping on the floor and extreme sleep deprivation for me and my partner. If you’ve ever experienced full blown sleep deprivation, you can understand how bad things can be, especially if you and your partner work.

We stumbled on Emma’s details via a local Whatsapp Parents Group, set up a call, and from the moment we spoke to Emma over a video call, we were treated with empathy, understanding and often a good giggle about it. Emma set us up with a plan, was attentive over texts and calls, always making time for us and checking in constantly with moral and emotional support throughout the journey. When it was clear the initial strategy wasn’t working, Emma suggested a new approach, and we planned a time when we could do it without interruption (ie, weekend) and set about the new strategy.

I’m glad to say, even though it took quite a while, with a pause in between, we finally overcame the extremely challenging sleep problems with our son, and everyone is happier, emotionally and physically in a much better place than where we were. Emma continued to check in with us and even gave us extra guidance and advice for upcoming challenges we may face, and how we can navigate them. We really can’t thank Emma enough for getting our lives back on track. That might sound extreme, but for those of you with “spirited”, “animated” or “lively” kids, who don’t seem to respond to any of those things you’ve read online at 4am in desperation, you”ll know how hard it is, and that extra measures need to be applied, but you don’t understand that in a state of sleep deprived misery.

If we find ourselves in a similar jam in future, we’ve got Emma on speed dial!”

Riley (2 years)

“I can confidently say that Emma’s sleep consultancy saved my sanity! After the 4 month sleep regression that never ended, constant contact naps and numerous night time wake ups, we knew we needed help. Within a couple of days my baby was sleeping through nights with minimal wake ups for feeding, and not long after was getting herself down in her cot for naps quickly! Emma started with a thoughtful consultation and questionnaires and from those created a bespoke plan designed to achieve our goals. She was able to adjust and tailor our plan in line with obstacles we were facing at the time, and provided fantastic and patient guidance at every single step, checking in often to make sure we were comfortable and all our questions answered. Emma’s kind, patient and caring approach makes her a delight to work with – thank you so much for everything you have done for our family – best investment we could have made for our little girl and ourselves.”

Talia (5 months)

“Emma has been an incredible support, we definitely couldn’t have made such amazing progress with our 11 month old son’s sleep without her. Emma’s kind and thoughtful approach made us feel much more at ease with the process, and she always answered any questions or issues we had along the way. Thank you so much Emma!”

Finn (11 months)

“We had the pleasure of working with Emma for 2 weeks and it feels like magic what she has done for us.
Our 14 month old son has gone from waking up every 40mins (since he was 7.5m old) to now sleeping from 7pm-6:30am. It literally never felt possible or achievable but we have our life back. We ALL sleep better and our son is a happier little boy because of it! Thank you, Emma!”

Mason (14 months)

“We reached out to Emma because our 15 month old (Rex) had always been a bad sleeper, usually waking every 2 hours, but sometimes every half hour! He was also co-sleeping most of the night and we were keen to get him to stay in his cot for longer.

The transformation was so fast, it really shocked us… After a friendly, informative and supportive chat with Emma we changed a few small things and on the first night Rex stayed in his cot throughout and only woke once!!! Emma was then available to support us over the next 2 weeks, making sure things kept moving in the right direction.

It has been quite life-changing, me and my partner went from struggling through the nights to loving them again. I couldn’t recommend Emma enough, thank you!”

Rex (15 months)

“Emma did an incredible job of supporting us with our daughter’s sleep. We had the 2 week plan and saw her sleep improve within the first day using Emma’s approach. We couldn’t believe it! Emma made sure she was always available and answered all our questions. She made us feel really comfortable and in control and we have now learnt skills for life as well as our daughter! Can’t recommend using Emma enough.”

Remi (12 months)

“Emma has been really approachable and we felt we were listened to and supported throughout the process, which gave us strength and motivation to keep working even in the tough times. We have seen great improvements overall and are very grateful to Emma’s patience, empathy and positivity!”

Rafael (11 months)

“Emma has saved all of our sanity with her advice and tailored plan. We were at our wits as parents and our 4 year old was exhausted and struggling through each day. We now have a structured routine, no more tears or running around each night and harmony reigns. Thank you!”

Orson (4 years)

“We reached out to Emma when our son was 14 months old, after hearing how she had helped our friends with their daughter’s sleep. Our son, who previously had been a good sleeper up until 6.5 months, went from sleeping through the night to waking multiple times and would only settle by being patted, rocked or fed to sleep. Right from the initial consultation through the two weeks of sleep support, Emma was always on hand with words of encouragement and advice, she was very personable, non-judgemental and listened to our needs for his sleep plan. We used to stay in the room until our son would fall asleep for naps & bedtimes, sometimes having to pat or rock him to sleep. We couldn’t envisage a time where we would be able to watch him fall asleep on the monitor outside of his room. Emma’s gentle approach allowed us to comfort him when needed but gave us the boundaries and understanding necessary for him to learn independent sleep skills. Our son slept through the night on our first night with Emma’s plan & guidance and has continued to do so. We felt so supported throughout the two weeks. Knowing that we could check in with Emma each day/evening, there was always words of encouragement if it had be a trying nap/bedtime and her help with the nap maths each day based on his wakes was invaluable. We can’t believe we can now put Soren in his cot and walk out of the room while he puts himself to sleep. We feel confident with his sleep knowing he now has independent sleep skills thanks to Emma. We couldn’t recommend her highly enough and wish we’d contacted her sooner!”

Soren (14 months)

“We loved working with Emma, and she supported us to completely change our daughter’s sleep. The initial approach didn’t work for our daughter, so Emma quickly helped us pivot to a new approach which worked much better. Our daughter now happily goes to sleep on her own in her cot for naps and at bedtime. Emma was really responsive and provided support and guidance when we had tough nights or naps. If you would like to change your child’s sleep, 2 weeks of support from Emma is worth its weight in gold.”

Eleni (8 months)

“Emma has been great in helping us get to our sleep goal with a very intense temperament and a fear of missing out. I’ve always been against any kind of sleep-training, but I soon realised that came through the rose tinted lens of someone who’s first child has always slept well. Our second child was the complete opposite. I reached out to Emma at the end of my tether, sleep deprived six months into having slept no longer than two hours in one go. I wish I’d reached out sooner.

Engaging, sympathetic and organised Emma was priceless. We went from having a difficult baby who wouldn’t sleep at all unless held or co-sleeping all night (and waking up every hour for milk) to him sleeping all the way through with a dream feed and three naps in the day. Not only do we all sleep better, but Henry is also in a much better mood having slept better too. I couldn’t recommend her enough.”

Henry (6 months)

“I was recommended Emma by a friend and contacted her when our daughter was 15 months old and had always been fed to sleep and never slept through the night since she was born. I was prepared for sleep coaching to be a long and testing process but was so surprised that with Emma’s guidance and only 3 nights into our 2 week course our daughter slept through the night, and by the end of the fortnight I was able to put her to sleep by putting her in her cot and leaving the room.

Emma was very kind with us and was amazing at checking in to offer any help we might need. She was proactive and responsive. She’s also a really nice person and her help has been genuinely life changing. I would highly recommend.”

Fiadh (15 months)

“Working with Emma is the best decision that we have made as a family in recent memory. She is friendly, approachable and extremely diligent – always taking the time to check in on progress throughout the day and always on hand with some words of encouragement or helpful advice. I cannot recommend Emma highly enough. She has given our family back the calm and peace of mind which comes from enjoying a consistently good night’s sleep. Bravo!”

Alex (18 months)

“I am so glad that I found Emma! She is incredible! She not only gave us the gift of sleep, but helped us get our lives back and enter a new chapter! My nearly 8 month old was waking every hour through the night, simply to have her dummy replaced in order to get back to sleep. In desperation one morning, I reached out to Emma who was so empathetic right from the start. Having been there herself, she truly knows what sleep deprivation can do to a person! She really listened and took time to understand where we were at as a family. After studying Charlotte and finding out her personality type (very interesting!), Emma drew up a personalised plan for Charlotte and recommended removing the dummy. I was extremely hesitant to do this as Charlotte was napping well in the day with it and used it a fair bit during the day outside of naps too. Emma was very patient with me while I considered and thought about it all – she never put any pressure on at any point. We tried some tweaks with Charlotte’s day schedule first, which improved things a bit, but Emma knew that to see the results we needed, the dummy had to go… and she helped me to see that too. I found that I could quite easily trust her very early on and it was this that helped me to bite the bullet and do it! It’s the BEST thing we’ve ever done! Emma was there with me every step of the way and gave me back ups / alternatives for if things didn’t go to plan so that I went into it “armoured”. Charlotte now sleeps 9-11 hour blocks at night and resettles herself if she wakes within that. Her naps fell back into place too and we are overall in such a better place – all with the help of this amazing lady, Emma!”

Charlotte (7 months)

“At a loss for what to do next to try to help our 6 month old son learn to self soothe and, ultimately, in desperate need of a good night’s sleep, a friend recommended Emma to us. From the initial consultation Emma was supportive, knowledgeable and reassuring, and we felt like we were in good hands. Emma took the time to get to know us, our baby and our routine to identify what he needed most based on his personality, and what we needed to change to help him. Within the first few days of implementing the routine and techniques Emma gave us he was a completely different baby during the night, sleeping well and for much longer periods of time. It was a complete revelation and I am so impressed with the level of support we received from Emma. Everything was monitored closely and adjustments made based on the day/night time sleep patterns. Emma was always there to advise and reassure. I would recommend her whole heartedly to anyone needing advice in this area. I can’t thank her enough for her help.”

Lando (6 months)

“We reached out to Emma when our 10 month old’s sleep wasn’t getting better after the 8 month sleep regression. Emma helped us dump the dummy and taught us how to help our son learn to soothe himself back to sleep without it. We now get a full night’s sleep and have a routine for his naps, which has resulted in a happy and content baby who is no longer overtired. He’s even started walking this week with all his extra energy! Thank you so much Emma for all your help.”

Malachy (10 months)

“We are incredibly grateful to Emma for steering us through a difficult period with our seven month old’s sleep. With her guidance and a few tweaks to our routine we were all sleeping better within a few days. Her emphasis on consistency and her regular check ins meant we were reassured that we were doing the right things, and she took away the heavy lifting of trying to figure out what we should or shouldn’t be doing!”

Nía (7 months)

“We contacted Emma, exhausted from lack of sleep, knowing that we needed to do something to help our little one self-settle, but not knowing where to start. From day one, Emma’s empathy and knowledge put me at ease and gave me huge confidence in the steps that we needed to take as a family to help our little one sleep. Emma took the time to get to know us and our little one before creating a personalised step-by-step sleep plan to help our daughter self-settle and sleep for longer. Her knowledge was incredible and really helped as we adjusted wake windows to ensure our little one was getting all the sleep she needed. Emma’s passion as a sleep coach and her caring personality was clear from the start; the sleep plan and routine fitted around our lifestyle and our daughter’s personality perfectly. I was initially nervous to introduce sleep training but with Emma’s incredible communication, reassurance and understanding of our needs, the training was gentle and easy to implement. Within days of practicing Emma’s sleep plan and routine, we saw enormous improvements and it was quite emotional to see our little one respond so positively, so quickly. Consistency and commitment from us were essential and at times this could be hard, however, Emma provided constant reassurance, tips and encouragement throughout which made the process feel like teamwork. It has been incredible to see how much progress has been made in the last few weeks. The difference Emma has made is huge; our little one is now able to self-settle for both naps and at bedtime and is sleeping for much longer stretches – something I never could have imagined a few weeks ago! As a family, we highly recommend Emma and are so pleased we reached out to her.”

Eliza (4 months)

“I found working with Emma incredibly helpful to understand my one year old’s sleep needs and how best to manage both naps and bedtimes. I now have a very good understanding, and have learnt how to read my little one’s cues. I can now adjust to make sure he gets the best possible rest and he can be his happy, smiley self. Naps have become straightforward, bedtime is now enjoyable and relaxing, and most importantly – he’s been sleeping through the night!”

Idris (11 months)

“Before we had support from Emma, our 7 month had very little routine and getting her to nap during the day was a struggle. Thanks to the support of Emma, we now have a clear routine and our baby is able to get herself to sleep with very little help from us. Emma was always at the end of the phone, guiding and reassuring us at every stage. We cannot thank Emma enough for her support during a difficult time.”

Thea (7 months)

“We couldn’t have approached sleep training without Emma’s support. She was reassuring and totally responsive to our needs throughout the process. She is incredibly kind and understanding, and we couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Our one year old was waking every hour at night and started sleeping for 10+ hours straight within the first week of working with Emma.”

Tal (11 months)

“I cannot say enough about the wonderful support and guidance Emma provided us and our little guy on our journey to a good night’s sleep! Emma is a great communicator, hugely empathetic, and was always willing to tailor her recommendations to suit our pace. We knew we wanted a kind, gentle approach for our son and this is exactly what she provided. We worked together when our boy was 6 months old, and having had months of solid sleep since, I can wholeheartedly endorse Emma and her approach! I would highly recommend her to any new parents who need better and more consistent sleep patterns.”

Ethan (6 months)

“We started back on your routine and programme between Christmas and New Year, and he’s sleeping through most nights which is amazing! We can’t thank you enough for all of your help. I feel like I’ve been given my life/personality/everything back!”

Axel (12 months)

“It’s been so brilliant working with Emma. We really couldn’t have made these changes without her incredible support, kindness and wisdom. Thank you so so much.”

Taylor (11 months)

“Second time around, I thought I would have sleep under control, but by 12 months my son was still waking several times a night (sometimes for hours at a time). I was overwhelmed by the volume of conflicting advice on social media, so I turned to Emma to help coach and guide me – and I’m so glad I did! She was empathetic, knowledgeable and gave us a clear plan to follow, which helped give my husband and I confidence that we were doing the right things. She was approachable and gave us loads of adhoc tips with no judgement. We saw a huge improvement not only in my son’s sleep but also how my husband and I supported each other with it, which is sometimes half the battle. I couldn’t recommend Emma and Twinkle Twinkle more!”

George (12 months)

“Emma is a miracle worker! My 14 month old was always a wakeful baby but with just a few tweaks to his day and night routine, his sleep has dramatically improved. He has even slept through the night, which has never happened before! Emma is thorough, patient and very knowledgable, and was able to ease any concerns I had. Just two weeks under her guidance and I feel so much more positive and a lot less tired!”

Forrest (14 months)